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Italian language courses for foreigners Rome:

This section is aimed at all foreigners who intend to settle in Italy.

Aware of the linguistic difficulties that can be encountered in that kind of path, our purpose is to offer useful support to overcome them.

Our purpose is, therefore, to provide the appropriate tools to obtain an immediate understanding of the language, in order to be able to express oneself with ease according to specific needs.

Furthermore, with our courses we aim to train the student in order to assist him in pursuing the level of knowledge of the language required by law for the following institutions: citizenship, short or long term residence permit, family reunification; or for the following specific individual needs: access to universities, post-graduate and specialization courses, work.

Each member will be followed by our tutors in their educational path until the final exam, which will take place on site and for which the relative certification will be issued.

Our teachers will therefore be in direct and constant contact with the student, offering him complete assistance, both human and technical, aimed at making the impact with a new culture such as the Italian one pleasant and non-traumatic.

Language Levels:


it is considered the basic level with a restricted repertoire of words and expressions relating to personal data and concrete situations. Allows interaction limited to simple questions and answers;


to obtain a long-term residence permit (EC) or for family reunification. It concerns a memorized repertoire extended, unlike the first, to groups of words and fixed formulas;


to complete the documentation relating to the request for Italian citizenship. It allows to broaden your vocabulary, expressing yourself with some hesitation on topics such as family, hobbies and current events;


to access degree courses in Italian at public and private universities. It provides enough linguistic expressions to produce clear descriptions and engage in conversations on very general topics.


to access degree courses in Italian on the same level as Italian students, for the achievement of a certification that can be used in the post-degree field, such as for example specialization courses or masters. It allows to obtain a good command and a linguistic repertoire such as to face conversations without having to limit what you want to say.


for the achievement of a certification aimed at proving the level of language that can be used mostly in the workplace, to certify the knowledge of the Italian language, to enroll in the rankings of Italian schools. It concerns a mastery of the language that can be expressed even with subtle shades of meaning, tackling complicated topics with ease.


To proceed with the registration it is necessary to download and fill in the following form and then send it to our email address:

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