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English Courses:

The Italian and English languages are structured in a completely different way.

The interaction with a mother tongue teacher therefore becomes essential to learn every aspect of the language, both formal and informal, and to encourage the student to think and reflect in English.

Furthermore, an additional advantage derives from the fact of allowing the student the possibility of acquiring a correct pronunciation.

Alexandra, Barbara and Egle are dynamic and creative teachers, who use a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods in teaching, in order to encourage students to reach their maximum potential.

Furthermore, for the little ones, it will be possible to learn this new language while having fun.



Class (at least 5 people) of 30 hours

A1 - 200€
A2 - 200€

B1 - 300€
B2 - 350€

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Individual courses of 10 hours

A1 - 180€ 
A2 - 210€ 
B1 - 280€ 
B2 - 310€ 


A1 - 50€ (1 ora) 
Pacchetto 10 ore - 450€ 
A2 - 50€ (1 ora) 
Pacchetto 10 ore - 450€ 
B1 - 60€ (1 ora) 
Pacchetto 10 ore - 550€ 
B2 - 60€ (1ora) 
Pacchetto 10 ore - 550€ 


To proceed with the registration it is necessary to download and fill in the following form and then send it to our email address:

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